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SK chemicals SK chemicals Received Permission to Market World’s Second Shingles Vaccine ‘SKY Zoster’


- Made an entrée into the globally monopolized shingles vaccine market
- Actively targeting the KRW 80 billion Korean market by launching it before the end of 2017
- To be able to localize 50% of the global 28 vaccines through this permission 

 The shingles vaccine market which was monopolized by one global pharmaceutical company will be able to offer patients a wide variety of choices because of a Korean pharmaceutical company that made an entrée into the shingles market with excellent technology.   

On October 9, 2017, SK chemicals announced that the company received the permission from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to market its shingles vaccine SKY Zoster (Project Name: NBP608), which has been developed by its own technology.

SK chemicals’ SKY Zoster, which passed the final stage for the commercialization, is planning to begin commercial production and start providing it to hospitals in Korea within the year after winning a recognition of state from the government.  

Through this permission, Korea is able to produce 14 vaccines, which is the half of 28 global immunization vaccines and anti-terror vaccines.

SK chemicals’ SKY Zoster is a live vaccine, which is produced by attenuating varicella zoster virus.  

After proving its safety through a stringent safety test at the overseas non-clinical test center, the company conducted clinical trials for five years in Korea.   

SK chemicals conducted clinical trials at eight clinical trial institutions, targeting 842 adults aged 50 and over in order to test efficacy and safety, and proved its noninferiority through 5 years’ clinical trials.  

The shingles vaccine, which is one of representative premium vaccines, has been monopolized by global pharmaceutical company Merck & Co.’s Zostavax that was launched in 2006 (2013 in Korea).

SK chemicals accelerated the vaccine development under the support of ‘Global Vaccine Product Support Team’ of the Food and Drug Safety.  

Based on this permission, SK chemicals is planning to make an entrée into the global market, following the KRW 80 billion Korean shingles vaccine market.  

According to the global market research institution Datamonitor, the market size of the global shingles vaccine reached USD 685 million (KRW 800 billion) as of 2016.  

Park Man-Hoon, CEO of SK chemicals, said, “Following world’s first quadrivalent cell culture-based flu vaccine SKY CellFlu, we were able to develop world class vaccine with Korea’s own technology. We will make a contribution to securing vaccine sovereignty by developing various premium vaccines.”

Meanwhile, SK chemicals commenced research and development since 2008 in order for self-sufficiency of the vaccine and concentrated on vaccine development by investing total KRW 400 billion.   

In particular, L HOUSE, which is a world level of vaccine production factory located in Andong, Kyungbuk, possesses production facilities and basic technologies such as cell culture, microbial culture, genetic modification, and recombinant protein vaccine. This factory can produce almost all vaccines that are developed in Korea. 


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