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SK holdings C&C SK holdings C&C Transforming to and Developing Cloud System along with Technology Accumulation…Killing Two Birds with One Stone


- SK holdings C&C expanding ‘Cloud Z Labs’ service
- Cloud experts residing in Labs…Cloud system designing and supporting with technical guide for each phase
- Applying the most advanced digital transformation methodology such as Agile and DevOps
- Creating various effects such as distribution of system nondisruptive application, development of micro service, and IT resource automatic change 

SK holdings C&C suggested a solution for Digital Transformation focusing on cloud system transformation based on application and overcoming the limitation of Logging as a Service (LaaS) based cloud service.   

SK holdings C&C announced the expansion of ‘Cloud Z Labs’ service that provides the examination and technical support for the customized cloud service development platform ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) in accordance with customers’ demand for digital transformation.

Companies which are considering system cloud transformation can request this service through its website

SK holdings C&C decided to open its service to all potential customers. This service had been provided to only selected company customers before this.  

From now on, customers can check and receive following services at the website:

- Customized cloud training for the characteristics of individual platform PaaS and application to customers’ business
- Accurate diagnosis and analysis of the existing system architecture
- Road map for system cloud transformation
- Cost and time for cloud transformation

 Once a system and an application for cloud transformation are decided, customers can execute the real application transformation with cloud experts of SK holdings C&C.  

 In order to provide stability to customers’ fast digital transformation, SK holdings C&C adopted an Agile and  a DevOps methodology to all transformation processes, which the fourth industrial revolution leading companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Uber have adopted. These companies are obtaining substantial effects from this methodology. 

 Escaping from orderly development of a system development model and pattern in accordance with prior definition, the Agile·DevOps methodology execute all the procedures such as development coding and system analysis/designing/development/test simultaneously.

 Through this, companies can secure both the stable operation and the fast development according to service changes.

 Companies using this service can achieve various effects such as the distribution of system nondisruptive applications, functional development of applications through micro service, and time and cost saving in service management by using ‘IT resource automatic change (auto-scaling)’ according to application demands.

 Customers who use the Cloud Z Labs service are representative companies in the field of telecommunication, media, manufacturing, and logistics. These companies, which wanted to overcome the limitation of the infrastructure-based cloud transformation, received the service of Cloud Z Labs and successfully completed transformation by checking the safety through cloud transformation diagnosis service.  

 Customers highly evaluated this service in that, escaping from the existing unilateral trainings, they were able to execute the transformation of the actually operated application with cloud experts and secure specialty in developing and operating cloud service in the future.

 Shin Hyun-Seok, President of SK holdings C&C Cloud Z Biz Division, said, “Customers responded well in that Could Z Labs enable them to examine all the cloud transformation processes of complicated applications in the existing system. We will actively support fast digital transformation of various systems and applications for customers.” 

 (*) Terms
Micro Service: It is used in developing large-scale of software. It is to dissemble functions into micro modules to develop independently located and individually operated software. It is similar to building something by assembling Lego blocks. It is possible for developers to develop free software through sharing and cooperating in the cloud network. 

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