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SK telecom SK Telecom & Nvidia Starting a Joint Project for Autonomous Driving


A mega project that grafts next generation telecommunication technology into self-driving cars will be kicked into high gear.  

SK telecom announced that the company and Nvidia (CEO Jensen Huang, signed a strategic agreement for autonomous driving and began a joint development.  

Through this contract, the two companies will rapidly cooperate in various fields related with core technologies of self-driving: 3D HD map, next generation (5G) network-based vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2X), and autonomous driving platform, which works as the ‘brain’ of self-driving.  

* HD map: A 3D map that shows area around roads and information of landmarks with high accuracy (less than 25cm). It is essential to secure ultra-high accuracy map to understand the status of surroundings exceeding sensing range and high accuracy measurement

SK telecom is withholding various automobile services and future technologies in possession such as big data analysis algorithm of T Map, V2X, ultra-high accurate location determination technology, and ultra-low latency 5G network.

SK telecom’s technologies will be combined with Nvidia’s hardware and software such as Nvidia Drive PX2 and Nvidia DGX-1, which are for deep learning and inference.  

Up to date, self-driving cars evolved into a sensor/camera-based ‘Stand Alone’ type. Through this agreement, the two companies will actively research and develop self-driving technologies that organically connect vehicles to vehicles and vehicles to a control center/IoT internet.  

These technologies will drastically improve driving accuracy and safety of autonomous driving cars by lowering accident possibilities.  

Besides this, this agreement will boost the construction of cooperation ecosystem for self-driving in the world, let alone Korea. SK telecom is promoting a joint R&D of self-driving technologies with global automobile manufacturers, mobile operators, terminal manufacturers, and organizations/academic sector. The company is planning to expand the autonomous driving ecosystem through partnerships with Nvidia and its partners.

In the future, SK telecom will graft ultra-high accurate map technologies into SK Group’s automobile-related businesses such as Korea’s No. 1 automobile sharing service provider Socar and SK carrental. New concept services related with these platforms will be provided to individual customers. At the same time, the company is planning to secure global competitiveness and lead the self-driving industry of which market is expected to reach USD 42 billion in 2025. 

Park Jeong-Ho, CEO of SK telecom, said, “Self-driving technology should be preemptively secured in terms of national competitiveness. Based on our technologies, we will lead the construction of self-driving ecosystem through cooperation and opening of technologies.”

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