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SK networks Chairman Choi Shin-Won Receiving the First Global Philanthropy Award “Amazin~!!” World’s Focus on Chairman Choi’s Sharing Leadership


- Receiving the first Global Philanthropy Award from UWW
- Received the first Global Philanthropy Award in recognition of his major role in leading UWW
- Standing ovation from 2,000 attendees after Honor Society introduction and an acceptance speech
- Chairman Choi “Through borderless share beyond race, nation, and culture, I will lead UWW’s global agenda in order to move forward toward society where all human beings can be happy”

“Amazing~!!” After Chairman Choi Shin-Won’s award acceptance speech and the introduction film about his acitivities, 2,000 people uttered an exclamation and gave a standing ovation. 

Chairman Choi Shin-Won received Global Philanthropy Award at United Way Community Leaders Conference, which was held from May 9 to May 12 (local time) in Orlando, Florida and 2,000 VIPs and United Way Worldwide (UWW) personnel attended.

During the Conference, Michael Hayde, former Chairman, introduced Chairman Choi Shin-Won’s activities to 2,000 UWW officials and VIPs, and Chairman Choi made an award acceptance speech for the Global Philanthropy Award and played a short film about Honor Society.

After the short film and speech, 2,000 attendees gave a standing ovation to pay their tribute to chairman Choi Shin-Won’s activities and results.  

Choi Shin-Won, Chairman of SK networks and Asia’s first member of UWW Leaderships Council, also became a member of the $10 Million Dollar Roundtable for the first time in Asia.  

Chairman Choi Shin-Won is actively working as a first National Chairman of Honor Society, which is a KRW 100 million donator’s meeting in Korea. The newly founded $10 Million Dollar Roundtable consists of members or institutions that donate or have agreed to donate more than ten million dollars to UWW or related institutions.

He was able to become the member of the $10 Million Dollar Roundtable, because of past donation to Community Chest of Korea and promise to make additional donation.    

The total members of the $10 Million Dollar Roundtable are 32 including Chairman Choi, Michael Hayde (former Chairman of Leadership Council) and his wife, John Lechleiter, Chairman of UWW Board of Council, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.   

Chairman Choi is not the only member of the $10 Million Dollar Roundtable. However, the reason for him being honored with Global Philanthropy Award lies in that, along with the donation amount, Chairman Choi is actively working in Asia, which is considered as the barren field in individual donation activities. At the same time, as a member of UWW Leadership Council, he promoted donations in order to solve global social problems in areas where the donation culture is relatively poor such as Mexico and China.

Up to date, Chairman Choi Shin-Won led various activities. He was appointed as a member of UWW’s Leadership Council for the first time in Asia in November 2012 and hosted 2015 UWW Leadership Council Seoul Roundtable in May 2015 with which he was able to show Asia’s sharing culture to the globe. During the Seoul Roundtable, Seoul Declaration, which is an oath to develop and spread sharing culture, had been selected for the first time.  

During the Seoul Roundtable, Elaine Chao, who is the current United States Secretary of Transportation, made a key note speech as a representative of United Way America and made a visit to Joint Security Area (JSA) along with Chairman Choi Shin-Won.   

In particular, at the Seoul Roundtable, Chairman Choi Shin-Won suggested fundraising for Syrian refugees and Chairman Choi and Michael Hayde donated USD 100,000.00 respectively, which resulted in system support for the refugees.  

After the first Roundtable in Paris in 2013, the Roundtable of UWW Leadership Council is being held every year in different countries. However, 2015 Seoul Roundtable worked as the main cause of UWW’s practical changes and results.     

Chairman Choi’s role also lies on the other side of these changes and results. UWW officials and members of Leadership Council have shown respect and appreciation toward his activities which world leaders in donation could not succeed in. 

At the same time, by presenting the activities and results of Honor Society in Korea, which is a big giver’s meeting benchmarked from US’s Tocqueville Society, Chairman Choi Shin-Won paved a way to introduce Honor Society to global leaders in donation.

Because of his introduction, Mexico and China are planning to establish a big giver’s meeting by benchmarking Korea’s Honor Society, not the original meeting Tocqueville Society.  

Meanwhile, Chairman Choi presented rapidly growing situations of North Korean defectors and multi-cultural families in Korea during the refugee session at the Mexico Roundtable in September 2016 and suggested cooperation to solve social problems resulted from these situations. His suggestion had been upgraded to a global agenda and 100 members gave a standing ovation.

Michael Hayde, former Chairman of UWW Leadership Council, delivered a contribution trophy and said, “Chairman Choi expanded the base of sharing culture in Korea through continuous devotion, passion, and taking the initiative and setting an example. He is a great leader that made a contribution to creating better society. His activities will deeply resonate with Asian people beyond Korea. It is an honor to call him my friend.” He added, “He is compatible to Winston Churchill’s saying, ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’”  

During the award acceptance speech, Chairman Choi Shin-Won said, “Today will be remembered as a landmark in donation and public services. I think the meaning of this award is a request for me to work harder and share more for the happiness of the world. I also hope UWW create new global sharing culture through borderless shares.” 

Meanwhile, 2,000 big givers, UWW network partners, and UWW officials from 40 countries attended the conference held in Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando, Florida on May 9 – 12.   

World celebrities have been invited including Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and current Chair of the Board of Trustees of Climate Justice at the Mary Robinson Foundation, John Lechleiter, Chairman of Eli Lily and Company and Chair of UWW Board of Council, Marc Benioff, founder of Salesforce, and Maribeth Bisienere, Senior Vice President of Walt Disney and board member of UWW Florida.  

During the conference, UWW members discussed various measures to make social changes and fundraising examples under the main theme ‘United We All Win’.

UWW provides education, training, and consulting services to 1,800 members all over the world and supports social welfare programs to local communities by raising and distributing funds. 

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