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SK holdings C&C Full-fledged AI-based Big Data Analysis Service Specialized in Manufacturing & High-tech Industries


- MOU with Begas for upgrading AI-based big data analysis platform SKYTALE
- Combining SKYTALE’s AI functions with Begas’ statistics analysis capability on the manufacturing industry
- Expecting drastic improvement of production/equipment/quality control through AI-based big data analysis
- Will accelerate exploring a new smart factory market in the field of manufacturing and high-tech industries at home and abroad

SK holdings C&C is accelerating acquisition of the new global smart factory market by providing full-fledged big data analysis service, which is applying AI technologies specialized in manufacturing and high-tech industries.

On April 11, 2017, SK holdings C&C (CEO: Ahn Jeong-Ok, announced that the company and Begas signed an MOU for upgrading big data analysis platform SKYTALE, which is for manufacturing and high-tech industries based on AI. The signing ceremony was held in SK-u Tower in Bundang, Seongnam, on April 11, 2017. Attendees to the ceremony were 10 personnel from both companies, including Kwon Song, President of SK holdings C&C’s Manufacturing Division, and Kim Do-Hyun, CEO of Begas. 

SKYTALE is a big data analysis platform for manufacturing and high-tech industries developed by SK holdings C&C. The company concentrated its all capabilities related with system construction, its operation experience, and AI technologies based on manufacturing industries, including semiconductor, energy, and chemicals.

SKYTALE, which is derived from the first cryptography Scytale, which had been invented in Greece for the first time in the world, represents SK holdings C&C’s will to quickly find hidden meanings and values from large amounts of data that are remained unanalyzed by using SKYTALE, which is embedded with AI.

Under this MOU, the two companies are planning to provide various AI-based big data analysis services specialized in manufacturing and high-tech industries by converging the newest AI algorithm of Begas with SK’s SKYTALE.

Begas is planning to provide analysis algorithm specialized in manufacturing fields such as predictive maintenance, abnormality detection, virtual measurement, energy saving, and quality analysis.

Using SKYTALE’s AI, customers in the field of manufacturing and high-tech industries can execute quick and various analysis on atypical data such as images, equipment log, and reports from engineers. 

As the AI-based analysis automatically reveals the main cause of defective products, malfunctioning of process, and inefficiency of equipment, it can drastically improve the efficiency of quality control in the fields of manufacturing, process control, and equipment maintenance.

Kwon Song, President of SK holdings C&C’s Manufacturing Division, said, “Manufacturing and high-tech companies at home and abroad are showing great interests in AI-based big data analysis to improve efficiency and solve difficult problems in various stages of manufacturing. Through various AI-based analysis services, we will accelerate exploring a new global high-tech smart factory market and lead ‘Digital Transformation’ in the fields of various manufacturing sectors such as semiconductor, energy, and chemicals.” 

Kim Do-Hyun, CEO of Begas, said, “We are expecting that both companies will be able to succeed in developing untouchable big data analysis service in the field of manufacturing industry by combining capabilities of both companies. We will expand the service area of Begas’ data analysis into the whole manufacturing industry.” 


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