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SK innovation SK innovation Doubling the Number of EV Battery Production Facilities


- Decided to build the fifth and the sixth battery production facilities…Securing 3.9GWh production capacity, which can be used to 140,000 EVs
- Completing the facility expansion and commencing mass production in 2018…Provision of electricity to newly won projects
- To improve production efficiency by three times through smart factory upgrade and accumulated know-how on design and operation
- Declaring will to innovate business structure and enhance new growth businesses focusing on EV battery business
- CEO Kim Joon “Will emerge as a global top 3 company by reinforcing marketing of the battery market at home and abroad”

SK innovation will double the number of EV battery production facilities in order to enhance its EV battery business, which is considered as the core of business structure innovation. 

This is to respond smoothly to the drastically growing EV battery market.

On March 6, 2017, SK innovation ( announced that the board of directors held in the end of February voted for investment to constructing the fifth and sixth battery production facilities and the company will commence full-scale construction.

The company will be able to secure total 3.9GWh of battery production capacity by expanding its current 1.9GWh capacity through this newly constructed battery production facilities of which capacity will be total 2GWh.

With this capacity, the company can provide batteries for 140,000 EVs per year.

These production facilities will begin mass productions from the second half of 2018 after being built in the second Seosan Battery Factory in the first half of 2018.

Battery products which will be produced at new facilities will be fully provided to various global projects which SK innovation recently won orders for.

SK innovation had already secured orders for next seven years. The company has to operate all facilities 100% in order to meet all the orders.

SK innovation set up its new investment strategy for the battery business as ‘Pre-order Post-construction’ and these new facility constructions are resulted from the supply increase in accordance with orders from new projects.

SK innovation decided to maximize its production rate by adopting the upgraded smart factory concept into major processes of newly built production facilities.

In order to achieve this, the following systems will be adopted:

 - Automation of all processes from raw material injection to examination and packing of final products
 - Upgrade of process operation model based on big data
 - Central management system related with manufacturing and operation

At the same time, the company is planning to drastically improve production efficiency and space usage by applying accumulated know-how and technologies on equipment design and its operation.

The production rate of these facilities will be three times more than that of the first Seosan battery factory. The size of newly built facilities is the same as that of the first Seosan Factory.

SK innovation added, “Through this investment decision, we are able to strongly implement business structure innovation by reinforcing new growth businesses, which is focusing on the EV battery business. The significance of this decision lies in that we are continuously exploring major projects at the global market and expanding the scale of those businesses through the investment.”  

SK innovation is planning to continue investment to Soft Power enhancement for steady growth of the EV battery business.

Also the company will expand research and development in order to secure global level of technologies and reinforce investment to education and recruitment of talented people.

Kim Joon, CEO of SK innovation, said, “Due to the trust from global automobile manufacturers resulted from our excellent technology and stable provision capability, the battery business has been growing every year. By reinforcing sales marketing in the EV battery markets at home and abroad, we will emerge as one of global top three battery companies.”

* Smart Factory
- It is an intelligent production factory that improves production efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction by applying ICT that combines digital automation solutions with production procedures such as design, development, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. It can maximize production rate by making decisions based on real-time process data through IoT, which is connected with equipment and machines in a factory.


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