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SK telecom SK Telecom: ‘Best Mobile Video, TV or Film App’ at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2017


On February 28, 2017, SK Telecom (CEO & President Park Jeong-Ho, announced that its mobile IPTV service ‘oksusu’ became the winner of ‘Best Mobile Video, TV or Film App’ at the ‘GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2017’, held in February 27, 2017. This award ceremony was held as an additional event of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

The Global Mobile Award hosted by GSMA is world’s prestigious awards in the field of mobile communication. The judging committee is composed of mobile communication experts, analysts, and special reporters who select the winners of each category every year and announce and give awards while the MWC is being held.  

Through this award, SK Telecom, which showed its advanced network technology by becoming a winner of ‘Best Technology Enabler’ in the ‘GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2016’, was able to prove its excellent ICT capability in the global stage beyond communication field.
■ ‘oksusu’ Was Selected as the Most Excellent Service among Global Media Operators
The Best Mobile Video, TV or Film App is awarded to world’s best media, movie, TV and video service apps.

The mobile IPTV service ‘oksusu’ launched in January 2016 is a service that is open for use. 

It provides real-time broadcasting of 115 channels and VOD of 170,000 movies and dramas. Also, it services self-produced contents, personal broadcasting channels, and 360 degree virtual reality contents.  

In particular, the number of monthly Unique Visitors (UV) doubled in one year after the launch of oksusu, due to the hit of self-produced contents and service reinforcement based on customers’ convenience. Currently, oksusu is leading Korea’s premium online service (Over The Top) market.

Besides provision of various contents, oksusu was highly evaluated in its excellent convenience and individualized UI based on advanced technologies.

By adopting T Live Streaming, a ultra-low latency mobile broadcasting technology, oksusu reduced broadcasting transmission speed to three seconds, which enabled realistic sports broadcasting. 

In addition, it provides curation service that recommends and suggests contents for customers by adopting individualized engine, which analyzes data in accordance with customers’ gender, age, preference, and watch history.

Kim Jong-Won, President of Media & Home Biz Mobile Business Division of SK Telecom and President of Media Biz Mobile Business Division of SK broadband, said, “This is an excellent opportunity to show SK Telecom and SK broadband’s media business capability into the global market. Based on oksusu, we will continue leading media industry ecosystem through continuous investment to future technologies including VR, let alone provision of various contents focusing on customers.”  

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