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SK telecom Leading 5G Standardization…Korea’s Technology Rising High Over the Globe


3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) adopted a core 5G standards, proposed by the ‘5G Global Group’ which consists of 15 global mobile operators and equipment companies such as SK telecom (CEO & President Jang Dong-Hyun,, AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, and Ericsson.

Through this adoption, it is expected that 5G standardization is closer to the completion. As the international society has concerns about the segmentation of 5G ecosystem due to various announcement of 5G standards, SK telecom’s lead of standardization based on global cooperation is gaining more attention from the global market.

5G Global Group: In May 2016, 15 global mobile operators and equipment manufacturers including AT&T, Deutsche Telecom, Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung Electronics formed a cooperation group for the standardization of 5G and SK telecom was the only mobile carrier from Korea.

On November 27, 2016, SK telecom announced that standards in four sectors such as data transmission, virtual network, and data response speed have been proposed through cooperation and adopted by 3GPP.

The suggested standards, which are considered as the most important frame that can highlight the characteristics of 5G, are made up of the following technologies:

 ▲ To minimize transmission errors of large volume of data
 ▲ To separate a single physical network into multiple virtual networks in accordance with the characteristics of each service
 ▲ To improve service quality by increasing data response speed
 ▲ To increase efficiency by constructing a network only with essential functions according to each service’s characteristics 

The 5G Global Group is avoiding segmented development of 5G technologies and is planning to discuss 5G technologies with a perspective of evolution after the commercialization in order to propose to 3GPP, an international formal organization of mobile technology standardization.

Meanwhile, SK telecom is leading the 5G technical revolution at the international standardization organization Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN), which discusses the blue print of next generation networks and defines the requirements of new services.

NGMN is an organization leading the discussion and cooperation for the standardization of next generation network infrastructure, service platforms, and terminals from the point of view of mobile operators and users.

In 2012, SK telecom led the standardization of LTE-A as a chair company of NGMN. The company is also leading the construction of a 5G equipment development ecosystem as a leader of 5G Trial and Testing Initiative (5G TTI), which has been established in 2016 in order to achieve early commercialization of 5G and is standardizing the verification of interlocking between equipment such as terminal and base station, core and base station, and 4G and 5G.

5G Trial and Testing Initiative (5G TTI): In order for early commercialization of 5G, a global standardization organization NGMN approved this as one of activities for 5G standardization. It is promoting various activities such as defining the core 5G technologies, interlocking various equipment, Proof-of-Concept (PoC), and standardizing semi-commercialization systems. Currently, SK telecom was selected as the leader in the sector of equipment interlocking.

Park Jin-Hyo, Head of SK telecom’s Network Technology R&D Center, said, “We are planning to lead 5G standardization through international cooperation and accelerate the commercialization of innovative 5G technology with major global equipment and chipset manufacturers.” 

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