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SK telecom SK telecom Developing 5G Services Initiatively


Covering ‘Learning Ability Test through Real-time Brainwave Analysis’, ‘3D Smart Stadium’, and ‘VR-based Drone Racing Game’

On December 4, 2016, SK telecom (CEO &President Jang Dong-Hyun, announced that the company and three other ventures will begin to develop 5G services using 5G Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 

Three AR/VR-related R&D ventures have been selected for their core 5G services: Red Bird’s 3D Smart Stadium, Looxid Lab’s VR contents-based emotion analysis, and Eloise’s Drone Real Experience.  

The ideas of this 5G-based services that will be newly developed are chosen at the ‘5G Feeling Media & Convergence Service Contest’, hosted by SK telecom and Unity Technologies Korea to construct national 5G ecosystem as a part of 5G Future Service Realization Project.

5G Future Service Realization Project: As a part of Giga Korea Project promoted by Ministry of Future, ICT and Science, it is aiming to secure core technologies and verify their services in regard with 5G core services such as media for feeling AR/VR, Smart Wall, and Hologram.  

Unity Technology Korea: A mobile game engine manufacturer that can manufacture various and interactive 3D, 2D, and VR/AR contents such as operation simulation and medical/construction visualization as well as games by using ‘Unity’.

SK telecom and Unity Technologies Korea are providing technical consulting such as dispatching AR/VR researchers and supporting of analyzers and terminals to promote the development of 5G service technologies.
The two companies and other ventures are planning to complete the development of the prototype by the end of the first half of 2017 and examine the feasibility of this business actively.  

‘VR Contents-based Emotion Analysis’ proposed by Looxid Labs is a service that transmits the information on the brainwave of users to a 5G network server and analyzes it in real time, when users wearing a head mount display (HMD) access to VR contents. 

As it analyzes recognition mechanism and emotion based on data on brainwave and user’s eyes, it is expected that these technologies can be used in various fields such as producing educational contents and measuring the effectiveness of advertisement.

‘3D Smart Stadium’ of Redbird shows three-dimensional shapes of a stadium on the screen of mobile terminals using 3D modeling technologies.

When users actually visit the real stadium, they can receive useful information such as location of facilities and emergency exits using the 3D stadium on their mobile terminal’s web browser. 

In the near future, it will show the real time information on players and games with which customers will be able to experience the ambience of a stadium without actually visiting one.

‘Drone Real Experience’ of Eloise is a drone racing game that enables users to feel the real drive of drones by combining 3D avatars and airplanes with real images recorded by drones.

The company is planning to enhance the reality of the game by putting more variables, including stadium’s wind speed and direction and characteristics of each drone such as weight, speed, acceleration, and durability as well as realistic description of drones’ movement and crash.

Chae Dong-Wook, CEO of Looxid Labs, said, “This is a good chance for us to make contents using solutions that analyze users’ recognition mechanism and emotion under the VR environment of the 5G era. Through the partnership with SK telecom, we will expand our VR-based user analysis solutions into various applications and try to make an entrée into the global market.”

Choi Jin-Seong, CTO of SK telecom, said, “We will create a successful business model along with small/medium businesses equipped with excellent technologies in order to achieve both innovation of platform business and construction of a 5G service ecosystem.”  

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